Whose Schools? Our Schools!: Repairing the State of Disunion in Higher Ed

The Coalition Against Corporate Higher Education has framed our troubles well: “Corporate warriors and their policy-makers in state and federal government are steadily undermining higher education, turning what was once a public good into yet another means of private gain.” Administrations are looking to corporate consultants to help them navigate austerity, the majority of classrooms are staffed by the academic equivalent of day labor, and tuition skyrockets alongside student debt. This is a crisis that cannot continue. This panel will begin with a discussion of the current state of affairs in higher education and steer into a tactical planning session that will emphasize solidarity between all people affected by our education system and empower us all to make positive changes in our own schools.

Diana Vallera, President of P-fac, CCC
John Casey, PhD, adjunct, UIC
Sarah Wild, former USCC member
Ben Schacht, CACHE, &
David Skattebo, undergraduate

4:30 p.m.
@ 500 W. Cermak


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