Rally/Speak out at DePaul tonight, 10pm, at Sheffield and Belden

Come join us students in front of the statue of Fr. Egan in order to protest the proposed tuition hikes that will be voted on the NEXT DAY by the Board of Trustees.

On Thursday night, we met with Fr. Holtschneider in order to make our four demands. These are:

1. IMMEDIATE tuition freeze for all current and incoming students.
2. That Fr. Holtschneider retract his approval of the proposed 2012-2013 budget and tuition increase.
3. That we are granted a meeting with the Board of Trustees, and the SRAC BEFORE the vote on the proposed budget.
4. That the vote this Saturday be post-poned until this meeting is held.

None of these demands were met, and so we, Depaul Students, must unite to show the administration that we will NOT cease until our demands are met!

Here’s some news coverage from Thursday night’s action:

And here’s a link to the online Petition Against the Proposed 2012-2013 Tuition Increase:


-Main University number at 312-362-8000
– President Fr. Holtschneider at 312-362-8890
-the Vice President of Student Affairs at 312-362-8854
-the Administrative Chancellor at 312/362-8711
-the Provost at 312-362-7560 and the Vice President at 312-362-6695.

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