Endorsement of the Chicago Teacher’s Union (CTU)

The Coalition Against Corporate Higher Education (CACHE) recognizes education is the strongest force of upward mobility in our society of increasing socioeconomic disparity. In a democratic environment, all students deserve equal access to the same high-quality, college-preparatory education, regardless of what district they live or who their parents are. We recognize that the US academic society is a community and decidedly not a market, Chicago teachers should not be repurposed to be ‘test administrators’ and awarded ‘merit pay’ based upon their students’ test scores. Our schools need teachers with fairly negotiated wages who do not have to worry about debt. These living wages facilitate their instruction and improves broad and diverse programs our students need such as world language, computer literacy, art, physical education, and music. These skills are inherent for creative problem solving abilities needed in their lives and in higher education. Such coursework necessarily should be in small class sizes. Furthermore, since education should occur beyond the class room, students deserve funded extracurriculars, healthy meals, fully-staffed libraries, access to social workers, school nurses, therapists and psychologists. The funding for the above activities can be obtained with i) decrease of administerial pay, ii) reallocation of funds that go toward charter school expansion, and iii) reallocation of Tax Increment Financing districts.

Therefore CACHE (the Coalition Against Corporate Higher Education) resolves to support the CTU (Chicago’s Teacher’s Union) to negotiate a contract that addresses all of the above issues with the Chicago Board of Education.

CACHE additionally endorses local solidarity events in support of the CTU requests that this support of the CTU be communicated to CACHE members and supporters.


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