Crowdsource Request for Reclaiming Higher Education Map

We (CACHE, the Coalition Against Corporate Higher Education) are compiling a map of all the United States higher ed uprisings, sit-ins, strikes, protests, town halls, and outspoken campus workers who are fighting against neoliberal mismanagement of education, a public right, everywhere. Please help crowdsource our findings. We are working this weekend, 3/29 and 3/30, to complete our initial start-up map, and will post the link as it is finished. We would love your support in accumulating this information.

Here’s how you can help – open the Reclaiming Higher Education Map riseup etherpad, find your state, then please list any of the information you have below:

  • Specific location (city, address if possible
  • Links to relevant articles about your struggle
  • Links to any affiliated unions (both local and parent sites)
  • Links to any leaked or public documents relevant to your situation
  • Email addresses of any contacts.

If you feel more confident sharing this via email, email us at Solidarity!


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