We’ve Reached Critical Mass: Temp Workers Take Back Higher Education


More adjuncts have formed unions in the last twelve months than in the last ten years. Portland State University- American Association of University Professors and UIC United Faculty Local 6456 prepare to strike while Front Range Community College Chapter, AAUP put an equal pay for equal work bill, HB 14 1154 in the Colorado House. The temp workers of education are joining forces because, well, we’re the majority.

You know of many more struggles and take backs happening near you. Come share them with our panelists, and build an even stronger force. We’re all in it together. 

Brianne Bolin, CACHE (Coalition of Corporate Higher Education)
Scott McFarland, Executive Vice President of UIC United Faculty
Jennifer Rupert, UIC United Faculty
Diana Vallera, President of P-fac, Columbia College

#adjunct or #adjuncts

This event will be livestreamed by CACHE so national allies and adjuncts may participate in the conversation. Check back for more details.


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