New Campaigns Published to our Campus Resistance Map

New Markers Published This Morning (both current and past campaigns)

SUCCESSFUL CAMPAIGNS – (UC Berkeley) The resignation of Robert Bergneau as commencement speaker; (New York University) Divestment campaign won: contract with JanSport cut until parent company honors the Bangladesh Accord on Fire and Building Safety AND the Graduate Student Organizing Committee became the first unionized group of graduate workers in a private university; (University of Houston) TA’s celebrated the one-year anniversary of the sit-in that earned them a raise.

ONGOING CAMPAIGNS (Nassau)- Mary-Faith Cerasoli’s hunger strike for a home and a living wage for herself, an adjunct; (Macaulay Honors College)- David Petraeus protests resumed; (City College of New York)-protests against the dismantling of a radical student center; (Central CT State University) Destruction of 18 working-class student murals; (San José State University) Student protests against intolerable heat and a “student success fee”

SHIT LIST – (Kansas Board of Regents) Gag-order on campus workers’ use of social media; (University of Saskatchewan) Firing of dean who spoke out about a reorganization plan.


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