Furniture First! (Students Second) – Join Us for a Spectacle at Do Division Fest, Sat noon


Help us raise $9.5 million for the CPS Board’s new office furniture!

In 2013, the Chicago Public School Board said it needed to close 53 schools to save money. The idea is that if it doesn’t have to fix a leaky roof on one school, it can spend the savings on a library at another school.

In 2014, the CPS Board decided it could save money on both roofs and libraries, if it just spent the funds on brand new furniture for it’s sleek new downtown offices. Joel Hood, told WBBM’s Bob Roberts the old furniture won’t be cheap to move and doesn’t fit the style of the modern 1 North Dearborn space. 

We know the Board wants to do the right thing and put the money in the classrooms, but really, really just need new furniture. Do your part and help us ask the public at large for funds! Dress for success (or in character as a circus performer or a church goer) and bring your donation jar!

Join us at Damen and Division at Do Division Fest, Saturday at Noon. We’ll be putting on a spectacle as well as inviting audience members to become spectactors for a Theater of the Oppressed practice focusing on public education.

This production put on by you! and Chicago Educational Workers Industrial Network, Coalition Against Corporate Higher Education and Theater of the Oppressed.


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