Whittier’s Library is a One Book Per Child Handout from Charity

Save Our Childrenfrom Furniture First! Students Second. at Do Division Fest

Whittier already had a playground set and basketball courts before Mayor 1% came along. What it didn’t have was a library. A one book per child handout from a Christian charity does not cut it for a fully-funded public education.

Let’s not forget that while we’re celebrating in the neighborhood, CPS approved spending $35 million to move the central offices and buy brand new furniture. That’s over 20 times what the article says was spent at the Whittier playground. They are spending $7917 per staffer on new furniture – nearly two times as much as the $4140 per pupil spent at schools like Whittier, according to a WBEZ interview with CPS spokesperson Becky Carroll.

And what about the 53 schools that got closed at a cost to taxpayers of $285 million? No playground or library instruction for them, huh? Sun-Times reported that only 38% of receiving schools have a librarian.

This was a re-election stunt, plain and simple. Until the CPS budget is directly controlled by parents, students and teachers in the LSCs and not by an unelected puppet board, we will have no control of the public school system that we pay for with our taxes.

Begging FactionHave a spare $9.5 million so CPS can buy office furniture?


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