Anonymously File Your Complaints to the Adjunct Sounding Board

Badmin Flogging copy

At this point in the higher education crisis, if you’re not full of rage, you’re choosing to ignore the situation (which makes you part of the problem). Some adjuncts have learned (or are still learning) to transform our anger into productive action, either directly or behind closed doors. Those of us who’ve been jostled awake by our late comrade Margaret Mary Vojtko’s unfortunate death last September are newer to the game. Wherever you are in the great losing relay race of academic contingency, if you’re an adjunct, you’re stressed. To the max.

And while you may not be able to actually flog a #badmin, as the femme dom is doing in the picture above, you can certainly post your anonymous tales of the more infuriating, heart-breaking, scream-inducing or worrisome day-to-day situations we find ourselves in as we navigate the wreckage of higher education and our broken lives.

So whenever you’re having a typical adjunct day (read: clusterfuck), use the Adjunct Sounding Board as a safe space to air your grievances. We know they are many. We know you can be loud. We ask you to join @Madjuncts and @AdjComplaints in collecting and sharing the realities of adjunct lives. Many of us are still afraid to come out of the supply closet, and because silence equals acceptance this late in the game, please make use of this safe, anonymous space to keep spreading the word about our working conditions. As the ASB asks us to remember: without us, higher ed would crumble.


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