Our next meeting will be in the Underground Cafe, the basement of 600 S. Michigan, Chicago, IL at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, 3/18. Please join us to plan for a Week of Rage to coincide with RECLAIM EDUCATION – A Global Week of Action called for by the International Student Movement during May 1-8.


1947465_10152244306349445_1805767382_nFeaturing Ben Schacht (CACHE/Northwestern) on global economics and its relation to higher education, Ashley Bohrer (CACHE/DePaul) on academic repression and the need for marketable research, Bret Hamilton (Columbia College Chicago) on direct action, and Creston C. Davis (Global Center for Advanced Studies) on building alternatives.

Hosted locally at Columbia College Chicago and online as a Google Hangout or a livestream via YouTube. Twitterchat with #CACHE227. Be there or be squarely in the red.

Friday August 24th, 10:45am

Columbia College: 8th floor of 600 S. Michigan

Come out to show Diana, President of the Part-time Faculty Association at Columbia College, that we support her work on behalf of all working people and all students. Come to 600 South Michigan Ave., Room 811A. Please arrive before 11:00 a.m. on Friday August 24th. We want to show the administration of Columbia College that if they continue to harass Diana, we are going to defend her. Stop the intimidation, negotiate in good faith! Sign the petition to support Diana Vallera


As of April 15, 2012 aggregate student debt has reached the astronomical sum of one trillion dollars. Student default rates have more than doubled as college administrators continue to charge still more for tuition, callously disregarding stagnant family incomes and disappearing post-collegiate job opportunities. Moreover, by turning students into a source of revenue, college administrators have transformed education into a form of labor. We too generate surplus value over which we have no control; we too have been systematically excluded from meaningful participation in the electoral process; and therefore we too must turn to one another in fighting back against the forces that threaten our families, friends, and futures.

The Coalition Against Corporate Higher Education therefore declares hereby its solidarity with all labor, organized and unorganized. We call on all students to join our allies, comrades, and friends in the Chicago labor movement that will take to the streets this May 1st. Come rally with us at the southwest corner of Union Park at 11am, where representatives from Graduate Students United, Occupy Columbia, the Coalition of Responsible Education, the Northwestern Living Wage Campaign, Occupy DePaul, the Justice for Loretta Capeheart Campaign, the DePaul Anti-Capitalist Coalition, and CACHE speak out about the struggles we have set in motion this past winter.

Come join us students in front of the statue of Fr. Egan in order to protest the proposed tuition hikes that will be voted on the NEXT DAY by the Board of Trustees.

On Thursday night, we met with Fr. Holtschneider in order to make our four demands. These are:

1. IMMEDIATE tuition freeze for all current and incoming students.
2. That Fr. Holtschneider retract his approval of the proposed 2012-2013 budget and tuition increase.
3. That we are granted a meeting with the Board of Trustees, and the SRAC BEFORE the vote on the proposed budget.
4. That the vote this Saturday be post-poned until this meeting is held.

None of these demands were met, and so we, Depaul Students, must unite to show the administration that we will NOT cease until our demands are met!

Here’s some news coverage from Thursday night’s action:

And here’s a link to the online Petition Against the Proposed 2012-2013 Tuition Increase:


-Main University number at 312-362-8000
– President Fr. Holtschneider at 312-362-8890
-the Vice President of Student Affairs at 312-362-8854
-the Administrative Chancellor at 312/362-8711
-the Provost at 312-362-7560 and the Vice President at 312-362-6695.