Occupy UIC

Mayor Rahm Emmanuel canceled his scheduled speaking at UIC. Emmanuel’s Chief technology officer will be speaking, and Rahm has said he will reschedule later in the year. The protest will go on with no change in plans, but possibly some changes in chants.

Event details here

We, the students, workers, and community members who represent the interests of the 99%
are very concerned by what Rahm envisions for the future of our city —
His recently-passed budget makes poor people pay, rather than the rich and corporations of the City.
And Rahm ordered the arrests of over 300 peaceful Occupy Chicago protesters,
and refuses to grant a permit to demonstrators against NATO/G8 in Chicago in May.
In Rahm’s Chicago, we are losing… 
library hours,
140 public schools,
200 union jobs,
7 primary care clinics,
6/12 of the mental health clinics,
and access to higher education through our community college system
— while there are several Chicago-based corporations that pay $ZERO in income taxes,
and a regressive tax structure in the state means that workers pay more of their income in taxes than the wealthy do.
Never mind all the money sitting in the tax-increment financing system (TIFs)…
But this isn’t just Rahm’s city–it’s ours, too!
We are fighting for a better future than that Rahm can offer.
Because education, jobs, and civil liberties are our right!
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